New Time and Us

Let op: het programma van deze Vrijheidsmaaltijd is in het Engels


Street Art Museum Amsterdam
Immanuel Kanthof 1 , 1064 VR Amsterdam

Toon kaart

On May 5th Street Art Museum Amsterdam organises ‘New Time and Us’, a Vrijheidslunch (12:00-15:00) and Vrijheidsdiner (19:00-22:00) with activities designed around the 2017 theme The New Time (De Nieuwe Tijd).

New means change. Change effects Us. Change can be good and Change can be bad. Change is not always easy. How do we work with New? How does New work for us?

Everybody is welcome to join the Vrijheidslunch in the afternoon or the Vrijheidsdiner at night. Both programs consist of:

- ‘Freedom to be New’: the opening of the exhibition

- ‘Step into the Past’: an Augmented Reality demonstration through SAMA’s destroyed artworks

- ‘New Food and Me’: an innovative fusion buffet

In 2017 Street Art Museum Amsterdam celebrates its five-year anniversary with the first illegal artworks dating to March and legal artworks – to May 2012. SAMA is a NEW Museum, designed for NEW time and with NEW audience engagement. SAMA will reflect on the five years together: the residents who made it, the government and housing corporation who took a chance, and the artists who helped to pioneer.

Entrance: free
Reservations: Email to
Diet: Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal 


Vrijheidsdiner Street Art Museum, 2016