English: Commemorate and celebrate 4 and 5 May in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is shaped by a rich history of steadfast civilians, standing up against oppression and injustice, and fighting for freedom and equality. We have the privilege of living in freedom for almost 75 years after the Second World War ended in 1945. The group of people that witnessed the war is shrinking, but their stories are still alive and of great importance.

Right after the war, in 1946, a committee was created by former members of the resistance. Their motto: “Dat nooit meer…” (“Never again…”). Everyone has their own way of maintaining this spirit. The story of Amsterdam during the war can be told and remembered in many ways.

The Amsterdam 4 and 5 May committee coordinates a varied programme for people of Amsterdam and by people of Amsterdam, together with the municipality and hundreds of partners. For everyone who wants to know more about the war history of their own neighbourhood and for those who want to reflect on the past. Young or old, religious and non-religious, born in Amsterdam or ‘imported’: together we commemorate the victims, listen to stories in Open Joodse Huizen (Open Jewish Houses), Huizen van Verzet (Houses of Resistance), walk in silence past locations with memories of the war, experience the performances of Theater Na de Dam (Theater after the Dam), meet each other at Freedom meals, concerts, lectures, tours, and celebrate freedom by dancing at Freedom festivals. Each year we add new stories to the traditions of 4 and 5 May and stimulate conversations about issues that matter.

For more information (in English) see the website of the City of Amsterdam or the National Committee for 4 and 5 May

Stille Tocht 2018

Bevrijdngsfestival Amsterdam/Het Vrije Westen 2018 - fotograaf Kim Balster